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FLEXTEND® - RESTORE™ Exercise Programs, Videos, Pictures, FAQ's & Accessory Product Instructions.

Safety Precautions, Assembly, Exercise Tips and much more!

Exercise Programs: Click Here
View exercise programs w/ video links to each exercise.

Exercises Videos: Click Here
View individual exercises via video format.

Exercise Images: Click Here
Exercise images / "stills" with descriptions of how to perform each exercise.

FAQ / Troubleshooting: Click Here
Answers for those with questions or who may experience slower progress.

Exercise Reference Guide: Click Here
Describes how each exercise affects specific muscles.


FLEXTEND® AC-Kit Instruction Manual: Click Here
The convenient grip-free AC-KIT connects directly to FLEXTEND® to performing
more than 50-additional exercises for shoulder and upper-body rehabilitation!

FLEXTEND® TFT-Kit Instruction Manual: Click Here
The TFT-KIT is used to treat Trigger Finger and Trigger Thumb Syndrome.by
making the single-finger exercises much easier to do starting in week #4.


URehab™ YouTube® Videos: Click Here
These videos contain extra information (i.e. massage and stretches) and good explanations of why the particular exercise programs work for specific conditions...but don't overanalyze the exercises in these videos and compare them to the manual you received with the product or other older manuals for the original FLEXTEND®.

~The full treatment Programs Listed on YouTube.com are by URehab.
Note: You DO NOT have to perform the stretches or massage as FLEXTEND®-RESTORE™ is a stand-alone product.

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