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Onsite Training Programs

Onsite training is available for individuals or groups. From athletes to office and assembly workers, the FLEXTEND® training programs can make a huge difference in performance and productivity.

Athletes: Onsite training programs for athletes and teams can increase performance and reduce injury, giving teams the winning edge, and everyone knows that having an edge is the key to victory.

Corporate: Training programs at a corporate level can reduce injuries, insurance claims and lost time from work, a cost that has risen to more than 60 billion annually. With repetitive strain injuries at epidemic levels, any way to reduce injuries and save money is being sought after, and with the FLEXTEND® systems available without a prescription, it can be used anywhere at any time.

FLEXTEND® is a simple and effective training system that employee's can use right at their desk, and is so portable that it will fit right into your pocket. (Note that these training systems may be covered by health insurance. (Insurance)

For more detailed information and to schedule a phone or e-mail appointment to discuss your needs, call Toll-Free 1-888-274-5444.



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