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Research & Clinical Data

NEWS ALERT: FLEXTEND®-RESTORE™ has undergone a variety of clinical, corporate and university trials over the years. All research that has followed BSI's programs have showed tremendously positive outcomes.

BUT, there have been a number of trials that showed no positive outcomes, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE TRIALS DID NOT FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL / PROGRAMS established for the products use.

NOTE that even the university and clinical trials that had positive outcomes DID NOT FOLLOW THE OUTLINED PROTOCOL / PROGRAMS FOR THIS PRODUCT.


1997 - Clinical Trials - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Research
1998 - In Focus Corporation:
1998 - Pacific University Carpal Tunnel Study - Part 1
2000 - Allied Health & Associates Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Study
2001 - Pacific University Carpal Tunnel Study - Part 2
2006 - ODS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention (Two 5-Year Studies)


(NOTE:There have been numerous FLEXTEND® studies with positive outcomes, and only one (1) negative study performed to intentionally disprove FLEXTEND® as a viable therapy. The reason for this is quite simple, it would take hundreds of millions of dollars from doctors, therapists and surgeons. But ALL studies showing FLEXTEND® as a "failure", as well as the positive studies,
did not follow BSI's exercise programs as outlined in the instruction manual. Obviously, this is contrary in conducting ANY STUDY, no matter what the product is.

Performing a study in this manner is similar to taking a prescription drug that was prescribed twice daily for 3-months, (180-pillls), and then creating a report stating that during it's double-blind study, the medicine proved in-effective and did not meet claims stated by the developer, although the prescription was not taken in accordance with the developers instructions. (Instructions exist for a reason)

Most of the FLEXTEND studies have run the course of several months, but only followed the week-1 exercise protocol throughout the entire length of the study, which is contrary to any of BSI's exercise programs as it is not enough resistance, sets, repetitions, days-per-week or times-per-day to have any positive gains/effects past the 2nd week of use.

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