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Trigger Finger Exercises

Once the stretches have been performed, it is critical to immediately follow up with the FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™ exercises in order to help retain the length of the tendon that was created through the stretching process.

When one muscle group (agonist) is stretched and lengthened, the opposing muscle group (antagonist) needs to be subjected to exercise in order to shorten and tighten the muscles as this helps maintain the length of the affected muscle group. Exercises also increase circulation, brining healing nutrients to the injured tendon(s), increases joint lubrication and helps to thin the tendon, allowing it to glide through the pulley system with ease. The exercises are simple, but take at least 8-weeks for marked improvement of the condition.

Performing corrective exercises with FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™ can reduce scar tissue on the tendon as well as help stretch and thin the tendon, allowing it to move freely through the pulley system. This training system is very simple and effective therapy, taking just minutes per day.


Trigger Finger Exercise #1

Trigger Finger Exercise #2


Trigger Finger Exercise #3

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