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Trigger Finger Symptoms

The most common symptom associated with Trigger Finger is a "snapping" or "locking of the finger or thumb into the palm of the hand. These sensations are experienced due to an adhesion or nodule that has developed on the tendon, most often resulting from scar tissue that has developed due to micro tears of the tendon.

The nodule / adhesion generally passes through the pulley system (tendon sheath) as the finger or thumb is flexed, but as it tries to pass through the pulley system via extension, it becomes stuck. In more severe cases, the finger has to be manually pulled back into the extended or straight position.

In many instances, Trigger Finger is caused by repetitive or forceful flexion of the fingers or thumb, a result of repeated trauma from power tools or long hours grasping a steering wheel or other objects. Other contributing factors include medical conditions that cause changes in tissues, such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout or diabetes.

Performing corrective exercises with FLEXTEND® / RESTORE™ can reduce scar tissue on the tendon as well as help stretch and thin the tendon, allowing it to move freely through the pulley system. This training system is very simple and effective therapy, taking just minutes per day.

"Using the FLEXTEND has helped push the strength in my hands to a new level. The FLEXTEND has also built up the tendon strength I need to prevent injury during training. For grappling, grip strength is essential, and from using the FLEXTEND, my hands grip tighter and I can hold on longer.this is a winning edge in competition."

"As a striker I have less injuries to the small joints in my hands due to the use of FLEXTEND. The strengthening of the tendons and muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm is a key to injury prevention. In addition, the ability to make my fist more compact, allows me to strike harder and faster." Whether you are a Boxer, Kick Boxer or Grappler, or just utilize your hands extensively for any sport, using the FLEXTEND will give you the winning edge."
Dennis Asche
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