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The New RESTORE™ Replaces Older Medical Version


Stuart Sprung - NASCAR

"Hours of forearm exercises in the gym cannot compare the increase in grip strength I have gained from FLEXTEND® gloves. With minimal usage every few days, I noticed a big difference."
World Record Holder Trooper Johnson - "I have been using FLEXTEND® for a few months now and I can really feel a difference in the power and strength in my hands and wrists." World Record Holder & Gold Medalist - Trooper Johnson

"I have been using the FLEXTEND® gloves for a few months now and I can really feel a difference in the power and strength in my hands and wrists. Also, I've noticed that the pain that I had from previous injuries has diminished."
Beach Volleyball Pro Albert Hannemann - "After using FLEXTEND® for only 3 weeks my game improved and my hands were much stronger and more flexible." Beach Volleyball Pro, Albert Hannemann

"I can honestly say that after using FLEXTEND® for only 3- weeks my game improved and my hands were much stronger and more flexible. I am excited to start this season knowing that I am ahead of my opponents and that the gloves really do work.
Elton John, Billy Joel, Cher - Professional Drummer Charlie Morgan

"Since I was introduced to FLEXTEND® , I have noticed a huge improvement in the mobility of my fingers and hands after playing! I am no longer stiff and sore the morning after a gig."
- Charlie Morgan has played with many of the music industries best known names including: Elton John, Billy Joel and Cher.)

George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars - Professional Guitarist, DeWayne McKnight

"The problem I had with my fingers is hardly noticeable now. I now spend a lot more time playing and practicing than ever before, without having to think about the problem so much. I take FLEXTEND with me everywhere.

Professional MMA Fighter, Dennis Asche

"As a striker I have less injuries to the small joints in my hands due to the use of FLEXTEND. The strengthening of the tendons and muscles in the hand, wrist and forearm is a key to injury prevention."

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Garrett Downing

"Within 2 weeks of my using the FLEXTEND I had a noticeable gain of grip strength poundage's that use to require the assistance of straps that I could now do without. I owe it all to FLEXTEND."

Gymnastics Champion, Scott Johnson

"As a coach and competitor I witness many gymnasts who lost training time due to hand and wrist injuries that can eventually require surgery. Over the past few years I have never witnessed a better product for preventing, as well as rehabbing, an athlete with these types of injuries. I highly recommend to my student athletes, colleagues and staff the FLEXTEND product."

Producer, Drummer, Grammy Winner - Tony Braunagel

"I'm hooked, and I think that keyboard players, guitarists, percussionists, and bass players, especially upright, could benefit from using the FLEXTEND gloves." (See Profile)

Junior Tennis Player, Patricia Sarma

We spent weeks and months visiting sport doctors, physiotherapists and several different hospitals. No one could help her at all - this was the end of her tennis career. We then received FLEXTEND and within one week the pain had already severely reduced, and it completely disappeared within 30 days." (Jane Sarma's Mother, Jane)

Malcolm Macaulay, PT, OCS
Dr. Linda Harries, DC
Dr. Don Ashley, M.D.
Nancy McGregor
T. Kearns
Hilda Hesse (Age-83)
Ernie Fontaine
Rick Handel
Neil Busby
Kevin Hawkinson
Mike Robinson
Karen Whelan
Dental Hygienist
Liz Sanders
Patient Account Representative
Rita Kaufman
Office Manager
* I have been extremely pleased with the results that I have achieved from using FLEXTEND. Today, I am working full-time, with the pain-free use of my right hand!

Shirlee Kehney
Director, Financial Services
* My wrists feel great due to FLEXTEND and the exercises it performs. Thanks for helping my hands feel better so that I may continue my work and hobbies pain-free!

Bruce Sturtevant
Bank Executive
Gary DeCarrico
Guitar and Keyboard Player

Doris Tucker R.N.
Director of Employee Health / Infection Control
  • Tie my shoes and fasten the buttons on my clothes.
  • Hold a cup by its handle.
  • Pull weeds and pick flowers.
  • Use a can-opener.
  • Hold and use my toothbrush.
  • Dial the phone and hold the receiver.
  • Pin and unpin safety pins.
  • Turn pages in a book or magazine.
  • Break and separate eggs, (Yolk from white or vice versa).
  • Can peel an orange or apple using a knife or my fingers.
  • Use scissors.
  • Use my fingers to type.
  • Hold an iron so I can iron my clothes.
  • thread a needle.
  • Swing my arms while walking, without any pain.
  • Use the manual shift so that I can drive my car.
  • Open jars with my hands.

    I am so thankful for the help and ease from hurting. Thanks oodles for getting me back in gear!

    Mrs. Smith (Age-85)
    Lewis A. Wilson
    U.S. Army
    Edward Baidy
    Sarah Mclean (Miss)
    Jim Currie
    David J. Schlosser
    David Monroe
    Doris Tucker R.N.
    Director of Employee Health / Infection Control

    * I am very pleased with my FLEXTEND gloves and the way I have been treated by Balance Systems. I have seen a lot of improvement, but it takes time to heal and I am not healed completely yet. Without my gloves and exercises I'm sure I would be a cripple by now. When I get up in morning my hands are very stiff and my gloves always bring my hands back to almost normal again. By doing a few “Quick Breaks” with FLEXTEND during the day, I can continue to do almost anything I want. My grip is not tight but at least I can hold on to things now.  Most of all is the lack of pain in my hands and my getting full nights sleep without waking up. I no longer have to wear a brace on either hand. I highly recommend gloves to anyone willing to listen, including my doctor.

    Rose, age 65
    Fresno, California

    * Many thanks for your recent e-mail and for your continuing interest in Isobel's condition. Fortunately I am able to answer in the affirmative and confirm her complete recovery from her otherwise debilitating condition.  Whilst she feels that her fingers are much improved, she still retains the glove and uses it on an increasingly infrequent basis.  Well-done Balance Systems!

    We would also again express our appreciation to you personally for your support and concern throughout her period of discomfort.  You really do provide 'Customer Service' in the true meaning of the expression.

    Should there be any change in her condition, we will contact you immediately.

    Kindest regards,
    Isobel and Jim Europe

    * I have had my Flextend gloves since 2000 and they have saved my hands.

    I am a transcriptionist. I began typing full-time from home in March of 2000. By June of 2000 I was in constant pain, had numbness in my fingers, loss of strength in my hands, and would wake up crying in the night with pain. I had gotten to the point where I had broken a number of dishes/glasses/etc. and I could no longer squeeze a tube of toothpaste. Driving was difficult as gripping the steering wheel and keeping my elbows and wrists in a static position for that length of time was painful. I had practically no life as on days I knew a client was sending dictation I did my best to do nothing with my hands to try and save them for work.

    I was desperate for help and found the Balance Systems website. My budget was very tight at the beginning of my work adventure and I had to reduce my work due to the injury I was experiencing. I nervously ordered two Flextend gloves.

    My life today is virtually pain free. I say virtually as there are days I do experience pain, like this summer when I put up a new fence digging 105 post holes and stringing 1000 feet of wire. You see, I'm still working as a transcriptionist, but I have also pursued my hobbies. Yes, on top of typing for a living, I do farm chores every day! What a turnaround. I am able to make a living and do the things I love. I know it's due to the Flextend gloves as if I miss a few days of using them I start to feel it.

    One of the benefits of the Flextend gloves for me is the flexibility of the exercises that adapt to treat different areas of concern. I have dual impingement in the carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel at the elbow, with the cubital tunnel being more problematic. Using the Flextend exercises relieves my symptoms in both areas.

    When my brother saw the gloves he ordered a pair of his own and is having great results. He had never even told me he was experiencing pain and numbness.

    So that's my story. My only, only complaint with the gloves is the rate at which the bands wear out where they rub at the thumb and pinkie. The gloves themselves have stood up well to my five years of daily use.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Balance Systems and Flextend. I don't even want to think about what my life would be like without them!



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